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Turkey Live TV - Watch Internet TV channels from Turkey
Channel NameLiveSpeedInformation
24 TV LiveLive200KGeneral TV channel.
A9 TVLive300KGeneral TV channel.
Ahi TVLive50KLocal TV from Kisehir.
Akilli TVLive90KLocal TV from Istanbul.
Aks TVLive200KLocal TV from Samsun.
Amasya TVLive200KLocal TV from Amasya.
Art Avrasya TVLivewebGeneral TV channel.
ART TVLive140KLocal TV from Amasya.
ATV AvrupaLivewebLocal TV.
Belgesel TVLive114KTV from Istanbul.
Bengu TurkLive141KLocal TV from Istanbul.
Berat TVLive300KLocal TV from Istanbul.
Beyaz TVLive332Khttp://www.beyaztv.com.tr
Biz TV Kanal 35Live200KInformation channel.
Bodrum Kent TVLive216K200KLocal TV from Bodrum.
BRTVLive100KLocal TV from Karabuk.
Canal DLivewebGeneral TV channel.
Canik TVLive140KLocal TV from Ordu.
Cay TVLive273KTV channel from Rize.
CEM TVLive252KReligious TV channel.
Cine 5Live141KMovie TV channel.
CNBC-ELive500KEntertainment channel.
CNN TurkLivewebNews TV channel.
D ShoppingLivewebShopping TV.
Dost TVLive112KLive broadcast about child-education, life in general and much more.
Dunya TVLivewebGeneral TV channel.
Edessa TVLive117KAlternative channel.
Edirne TVLive200KGeneral TV channel.
Ege TVLive141KLocal TV from Izmir.
ERTLive140KLocal TV from Konya-Ereuli.
ERTV MalatyaLive141KLocal TV from Malatya.
ESTVLive200KGeneral TV channel.
Euro DLivewebGeneral TV channel.
Euro StarLivewebGeneral TV channel.
Fenerbahce TVLivewebFenerbahce Football Club TV.
Gelisim TVLive102KProgress-orientated broadcast, focussing on news.
Gercek TVLive141K.
Gimsa TVLive200KLocal TV from Ankara.
GTV Guney Dogu TVLive102KLocal TV from Sanliurfa.
Gun TVLive100KLocal TV from Tokat.
Gunes TV MalatyaLive102KLocal TV from Malatya.
Guney TVLivewebLocal TV from Iskenderun.
Halk TVLive141KGeneral TV channel.
Hamle TVLive102KLocal TV from Mugla.
Hayat TelevizyonuLive200KNon commercial alternative TV channel.
Hilal TVLive140KSatellite channel.
Hizmet TVLive117KLocal TV from Ordu.
IMTVLive100KIslamic music.
Kackar TVLive102KLive newsbroadcasts and talkshows.
Kanal 15Live141KLocal TV from Burdur.
Kanal 16LivewebLocal TV from Yenice.
Kanal 2000Live273KLocal TV from Mersin.
Kanal 23 ElazigLive300KLocal TV from Elazig.
Kanal 32Live120KLocal TV from Isparta.
Kanal 48Live102KLocal TV from Marmaris.
Kanal 5 GaziantepLive141KLocal TV from Gaziantep.
Kanal 52 OrduLive152KLocal TV from Ordu.
Kanal 54Live150KLocal TV from Sakarya.
Kanal 55Live100KLocal TV from Samsun.
Kanal 67 / Kanal ZLive110KGeneral TV channel.
Kanal 68Live102KLocal TV from Aksaray.
Kanal 7Live500KGeneral TV channel.
Kanal 7 INTLive200KNational TV channel.
Kanal A, AnkaraLive272KLocal TV from Ankara.
Kanal AlanyaLive90KLocal TV from Alanya.
Kanal AvrupaLive212KGeneral TV channel.
Kanal BLive141KGeneral TV channel.
Kanal E TVLive273KFrom the city of Elazig; film, news, music. Not always online, TV-guide available on website.
Kanal TurkLivewebGeneral TV channel.
Karesi TVLive300KGeneral TV channel.
Kay TVLive89KLocal TV from Kayseri.
Kayseri Kanal 38Live140KLocal TV.
Kirsehir TVLive52KLocal TV from Kirsehir.
Kon TVLive300KGeneral TV channel.
Koroglu TV BoluLive116KLocal TV from Bolu.
Kral Music TVLivewebMusic TV.
Line TVLive102KLocal TV from Bursa.
Malatya TVLive100KLocal TV from Malatya.
Mehtap TVLivewebNational TV channel.
Merkur TVLive273KLocal TV from Van.
MIHR TVLive141KMihr TV broadcasts study programs based on the Islamic thinking - finance, business, technology, and Allah.
MMC Euro TurkLive152K.
MRT TV OsmaniyeLive120KLocal TV from Osmaniye.
NTVLive200KWorld News.
Number OneLive400KPopulair music.
ODTU TVLive225KMid-Eastern Technical University, collegional lessons can be watched live.
Olay TVLivewebLocal TV from Bursa.
Oncu RTVLive102KLocal TV from Duezce.
Ort TV IzmirLive28KLocal TV from Izmir.
Power TurkLive300KMusic TV channel.
Rumeli TVLive42KLocal TV from Istanbul.
Samanyolu Haber TVLivewebNational TV channel.
SBRTLive266KGeneral TV channel.
Semerkand TVLivewebLocal TV from Istanbul.
Show TurkLiveweb.
ShowTVLivewebShow TV.
Sipas TVLive50KLocal channel.
Sky TurkLive316K.
Sky TVLive273KLocal TV from Izmir.
Star TVLive200KGeneral TV channel.
TGRTLive200KNews TV channel.
TJKLivewebHorse racing TV.
TRT 1Live320KTurkish State Television, channel 1.
TRT 1 - Stream 2Live400KTurkish State Television, channel 1.
TRT 2Live320KTurkish State Television, channel 2.
TRT 2 - Stream 2Live400KTurkish State Television, channel 2.
TRT 3Live320KGeneral TV channel.
TRT 3 - Stream 2Live400KGeneral TV channel.
TRT 4 CocukLive320KTurkish State Television, channel 4.
TRT 5 Anadolu CanliLive339K.
TRT 6Live320KTurkish State Television, channel 6.
TRT ArabicLive339KGeneral TV channel.
TRT AVAZLive339KDocumentaries, culture and music programs.
TRT HDLive448KGeneral TV channel.
TRT MuzikLive339KMusic Channel.
TRT Turizm BelgeselLive339K.
TRT TurkLive320KTurkish State Television (International channel).
TV 41Live300KGeneral TV channel.
TV 5Live100K.
TV 8Live258K.
TV 8Live200KNews Channel.
TV KayseriLive102KLocal tv from Kayseri.
TV MedineLivewebReligious TV channel.
TV MekkeLivewebReligious TV channel.
Ulke TVLive200K.
Ulusal KanalLive151KGeneral TV channel.
Van TVLive100KLocal TV from Van.
VTV TVLive100KLocal TV from Antalya.
Vuslat TVLive273KGeneral TV channel.
WTCLive300KNews television channel.
Yol TVLive273KGeneral TV channel.
Yumarac TVLivewebGeneral TV channel.
Yumurcak TVLivewebTV for children.
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