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Thailand Live TV - Watch Internet TV channels from Thailand
Channel NameLiveSpeedInformation
11 NewsLive102KNews TV channel.
Asean TVLive300KGeneral TV channel.
Asia News UpdateLivewebNews channel.
ASTV News1LivewebNews and information.
Bang ChannelLive247KEntertainment channel.
DMCLive450KDhammakaya Foundation media channel.
Esan DiscoveryLive150K.
Faikham TVLive185KLocal TV from Bangkok.
KE TVLive561K24/7 live economical and financial news and Stock-Exchange business.
MCOT 1Live200KGeneral TV channel.
MCOTNews 24LivewebNews TV channel.
MVTV MyLive241KNews and Entertainment Program.
MVTV 1 TV MICLive250KNews and Entertainment Program.
MVTV 2 TV VarietyLive256KNews and Entertainment Program.
MVTV BangkokLive242KNews and Entertainment Program.
MVTV StarLive241KNews and Entertainment Program.
Nation ChannelLive100KNational Thai News. At the website also Realplayer format available.
NBT evening newsRec.153KRecorded news from the Government Public Relations Department.
PBS TVLivewebNational TV channel.
PGTVRec.webRecorded News from Phuket.
SBT TVLive242KBuddhist TV channel.
TaokaeLive150KEntertainment channel.
Thailand Outlook ChannelLive273KNews channel.
TNN TVLivewebNational TV channel.
Toc TVLive100KGeneral TV channel.
TV 3Live273KEntertainment.
TV 5Live200KRoyal Thai army radio and television. Located in Bangkok.
TV MuslimLive141KIslamic channel.
Voice TVLive400KThe Voice is a Finnish music channel that replaced the TV Viisi television channel in 2004.
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