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Romania Live TV - Watch Internet TV channels from Romania
Channel NameLiveSpeedInformation
1 Music channelLive300KPopulair music.
Alfa Omega TVLive192KChristian TV channel from Timisoara.
Antena 2LivewebGeneral TV channel.
Antena 3LivewebRecorded and live news available on website.
Arges TVLive200KLocal TV from Pitesti.
AtomyxLive200KIntrenet TV channel with Romanian music.
B1 TVLiveweb.
BeatsoundsLive200KPopulair music.
Credo TVLivewebGeneral TV channel.
Feny TVRec.webLocal tv from Gyergyoszentmiklos.
Hora TVLive696KMusic TV channel with Romanian music.
Iasi TVLive495KGeneral TV channel from Iasi..
Kiss FMLivewebPopulair music.
Mega TVLive141KLocal TV from Braila.
Mega TV MuscelLive273KLocal TV from Campulung Muscel.
Money ChannelLivewebFinancial news.
Muntenia TVLive792KRegional TV from Giurgiu.
Muscel TVLive791KGeneral TV channel.
NCNLive200KLocal TV from Cluj.
RealitateaLivewebGeneral TV channel.
Somes TVLive400KLocal TV.
Sport.roLivewebGeneral sports TV channel.
Tele Europa NovaLive320KLocal TV from Temeschburg.
TeleMLive100KNews channel from Iasi.
TeleM BotosaniLive2128KLocal TV from Botosani.
TV 1 SamTel Satu MareLive200KLocal TV from Satu Mare.
TV MuresLive250KLocal TV from Mures, Transylvania.
TV OlteniaLive300KLocal TV from Craiova.
TVASLive192KGeneral TV channel from Tirnaven.
TVR JurnalRec.webRecorded news.
TVRi (International)LivewebNational TV channel.
TVRM CulturalLive273KCultural programs.
TvRM EducationalLive378KEducational TV.
UTVLivewebMusic TV.
Valcea TVLive847KLocal TV from Valcea.
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