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Hungary Live TV - Watch Internet TV channels from Hungary
Channel NameLiveSpeedInformation
Alfold TVLive577KGeneral TV channel from Debrecen.
ATVLive528KGeneral TV channel.
BP 13Live200KLocal cable TV from Budapest.
BPTVLive328KLocal TV from Budapest.
City TVLive550KLocal TV from Budapest.
Civil TVLive187KLocal TV.
Csongrad TelevizioRec.webLocal TV.
CTV CegledRec.webLocal TV.
Dance TVLive996KPopulair music.
Duna II AutonomiaLive300KGeneral TV channel.
Duna TVLive350KNewsarchive from Hungary available on website.
Echo TVRec.webEconomical news (Videogal and #233;ria).
Fehervar TVLive339KLocal TV from Szekesfehervar.
Full Arts S4Liveweb.
GYTVLive432KLocal TV.
Halom TVLive200KTV channel from the city of Szazhalombatta.
HIR TVLive300KNews TV.
Kanizsa TVLive200KNews from Nagykanizsa.
Kapos TVRec.webLocal TV from Kaposvar.
Keszthely TVLive400KLocal TV from Keszthely.
Kolcsey TVRec.web.
KTVRec.webLocal TV from Kecskemeti with recorded news.
M1 TVLive100KNational TV with news , entertainment, music, film and sports. Not always online!
M2 TVLive100KNational TV with news , entertainment, music, film and sports. Not always online!
Mako TVLive576KLocal TV from Mako.
Melitta TVLive539KLocal TV.
Mese TVLivewebTV for children.
MinimaxRec.webTV for children.
Miskolc TVLive153KLocal TV from Miskolc.
NY TVLive350KLocal TV from Nyireghaza.
Revita TVLive432KGeneral TV channel.
Salgotarjani Varosi TelevisioLivewebLocal TV from Salgotarjan.
Sio TVLive432KLocal TV from Siofok.
Sopron TVRec.491KLocal TV from Sopron.
Supernet FeherLive83KGeneral Internet TV channel.
Supernet PirosLive500KGeneral Internet TV channel.
Supernet ZoldLive83KGeneral Internet TV channel.
Supra TVLive328KLocal TV from Balaton.
Szolnok TVRec.webLocal TV from Szolnok.
SZTVLive450KLocal TV from Szombathely.
TV EgerRec.webLocal TV from Eger.
Varosi TVLive250KTV from Szeged.
Veszprem TelevizioLivewebLocal TV from Veszprem.
ZTVLive331KLocal TV from Zalaegerszeg.
Zuglo TVLive273KCable TV channel from Budapest.
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