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Belgium Live TV - Watch Internet TV channels from Belgium
Channel NameLiveSpeedInformation
Antenne CentreRec.webRegional TV from Louvi and #232;re and Sud-Hainaut with recorded news.
ATVLive200KRecorded and live local news broadcast from Antwerp.
AVS (1. maandag)Rec.228KRegional TV with recorded news.
AVS (2. dinsdag)Rec.228KRegional TV with recorded news.
AVS (3. woensdag)Rec.228KRegional TV with recorded news.
AVS (4. donderdag)Rec.228KRegional TV with recorded news.
AVS (5. vrijdag)Rec.228KRegional TV with recorded news.
AVS (6. zondag)Rec.228KRegional TV with recorded news.
BRF TVRec.webRegional TV from Eupen.
De RedactieRec.webRecorded news available on website.
GunkLivewebTV for the new generation.
Kanaal ZRec.webBusiness TV.
NATO ChannelRec.webNATO web TV channel offers programs about NATO operations, interviews, archive material.
RTC Tele LiegeRec.webLocal TV with recorded news.
RTVRec.200KRecorded Flemish news broadcast.
TV OostRec.webRegional news.
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